Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! The VAZU can be used many times. The print is “lodged” between two layers, so it won’t fade or scratch. The VAZU is durable for many years, just like any other quality product of its kind. After use, it may be simply folded flat and stored until the next use.

Surprisingly enough VAZU is even more stable than a glass vase of equal size! The base of the VAZU is stabilised by the weight of the water. The flexibility of its edges prevents it from falling over when touched.

VAZU is so strong that it is impossible to tear it with bare hands. During production, the VAZU is tested and tolerates a pressure of up to 5 atmospheres. That is why we give it a 100% guarantee against leaks.

Simply by rinsing VAZU with some water and soap, shaking it a few times — and that’s it!  The vase may be left open to dry for a while. When flattened, air cannot penetrate, thus preventing the formation of mould and bad odours