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Vazu is a novelty concept that mesmerizes everyone that sees it.

Vazu Australia

This vase is unbreakable, reusable, collapsible, expandable.

The vase expands when you add water, and reveals the base that provides stability. Once you are done using it, rinse it, let it try, and collapse it to a flat shape again.

NO STORAGE SPACE REQUIRED – Once the vase is dry, put it away flat as a sheet of paper.

IT’s NOT GLASS, so even if your cat tip it over , your dog sniff it or your child drops it it will still not break.

Because it’s unbreakable and you don’t need space to storage it, it’s ideal for your home, office, hospitals, child cares, you name it.

Get it for yourself, or as gift for your next anniversary, when visiting someone in hospital, someone that just had a baby, or just because you want to. They also make an awesome wedding centrepiece and wedding favour.

There are many sizes, patterns and colours to choose from.

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